Academic Activities

 Date of Joining           :           23/01/2018


Workshops          : UGC Sponsored workshop on BIPASHANA                                              SADHANA (Mediation)

organized by Buddhist Studies Centre, Dept. of Assamese, Bihpuria College, (25 Sept,2011)   

Seminars                  :

1. 4th International Seminar on Social Exclusion and Development

organized by The Institute of Social Research and Applied Anthropology, Bidisa, West Bengal  (4th-5th Dec,2016).

Title of the Paper   : Social Exclusion on Tribal Society : A                                                       comparative study on Borpather Khamti Gaon                                            and Borpather Chamaguri Miri Gaon.

                                    2. UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Empowerment of Youth: Problems and Prospects, Organized by Department of Sociology and History, Harhi College,7 & 8th August,2015.  

Title of the Paper   : George Bernard Shaw’s “Pygmalion” : A Play on Empowerment of

                                                Youth through  Education.”   

3. UGC sponsored national seminar on Relevance of Gandhian philosophy in the present context, Organized by Department of History & Philosophy, Harhi College, 29th & 30th August, 2015.      

Title of the Paper   : Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi & Its                                                        Everlasting relevance.

4. UGC sponsored national seminar on Ethnicity, Identity and conflict: A Multidimensional analysis, Organized by Department of Political Science & Philosophy, Harhi College, 27th & 28th June, 2016.    

Title of the Paper    : The Hairy Ape:  A play on Search for Identity.

5. UGC Sponsored National seminar on Environmental Degradation and Importance of Education for sustainable development, Organized by Department of Education, Kherajkhat College.      

Title of the Paper    :       Buddha’s Middle way and sustainable                           development, An analytical study.  

Other Publications     :         

1. ‘Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi and its Everlasting relevance,’ Relevance of Gandhian Philosophy in the present context. Editor: Thagendra Chutia, Ananda Bharali, Dr. Deep Dutta, ISBN, (978-93-5105-207-4)

                                                2. ‘Oral Rhymes : A crude literary asset of Tai Khamtis,’ Rengoni Vol.-5, Editor Rijumoni Gogoi, Ritamoni Gogoi, ISBN (978-93-87287-02-0).

                                                3. ‘Axomor Khamti Xokolor Dharma Chorsa:’ Axomor Janagusthi samuhor samaj sanskriti abhumuki, Editor: Mantu Hazarika, Hiranya Konch, ISBN, (978-93-5087-701-2).

                                                4. ‘An easy on Tai Khamti Language:’ Ethnic group in North East India, Editor- Mantu Hazarika, Thagendra Chutia, ISBN, (978-93-5104-156-6).

                                                5. ‘A study on John Keats’ Ode on a Grecian urn:’ Flambeau, Vol-III,    No-II, Editor: Dr. Deep Dutta, (Aug, 2016), ISSN, (2394-000×).   

                                                6. ‘Buddha’s Middle way and sustainable development, An analytical study,’  Shrutashini (Nov. 2016), Editor: Dr. Deep Dutta, Kalyan Konch, ISSN, (2393-8226).  

                                                7. ‘Khamti xokolor Aganir Utsab:’ Mai Ko sum phai, Prantik, (16,Feb,2016), ISSN (0971-5932).

                                                8. ‘Leonarda-Da –Vinci aru Sankardevor tulamulok adhyayan,’ Bishoi – Sankardev aru Madhabdev, Editor: Jogen Tamuli, ISBN, (978-93-87287-08-02).                                                                                                                       

Book Published         :   Glimpse of Glory, 2017. ISBN (978-81-9331-984-0). 

                                          Membership of other Organization:   

                                         1. Life member of Axom Sahitya Sabha.   

                                                   2.Khamti Language and culture development                                                                committee Assam.