Academic Activities


Date of Joining            :  24.10.2008

Specialization  : Educational Technology

OC Complete :

Course Name   : UGC Sponsored Orientation Course in Social Science

Venue              : Academic Staff College, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi

Date                : 04.01.2010 to 29.01.2010.

RC - 1 Complete                      :

Course Name   : UGC Sponsored Refresher Course in Environmental Studies (Arts) (ID)

Venue              : ASC, BURDWAN University

Date                :18.02.2014 to 10.03.2014

M.Phil :

Title                 :  “ Socio-Economic Impact on Educational Development of  Khamti in Lakhimpur District of Assam

From                :  M.Phil, Periyar University, Tamil Nadu

 Notification    : 21.07.2008

PhD :

Title                 :   “A Study on the Status of Secondary Education in the Schools of Assam”

From                : Rajiv Gandhi University (Central ) Arunachal Predesh.

Notification     : 08.03.2017.


Workshops :  

·         National Workshop on “Protection of Human Rights” Badati Janajati High School, Bihpuria, 26th December 2010.

·         National Workshop on “Semester system at Undergraduate Level in general Degree Colleges” Lakhimpur Girl’s College, 31st May &1st June, 2011.

·         Workshop on “Fruits & Vegetables Preservation” Madhabdev College, 15th &16th Nov, 2012.

·         National Seminar on “Violation of Human Rights of Women and Children in Rural Areas of North East India” Moridhal College, 3rd - 4th March, 2013.

·         National Seminar cum Workshop on “Research Methodology and Use of Quantitative Analysis” Madhabdev College, 6-10th May, 2013.

·         National Workshop on “RUSA” Organized by ACTA Lakhimpur zonal committee with Women Cell, 8-14 Sept. 2014.

·         Workshop cum training programme on “Implementation of CBCS in UG Courses of Dibrugarh University”, 24th & 25th March, 2017, MDC.

·         Workshop on “Information Security Education and Awareness” conducted by C-DAC, March 2017


Seminars : 

·        National Seminar on “Role of Panchayati Raj Institutions in Village Level Planning and Rural Development” Madhabdev College, 24th &25th Nov, 2008.

·        International Seminar on “Sciences & Technology in Ancient Indian Texts” Sanskrit Studies, JNU, New Delhi, 9-10 January, 2010.

·        National Seminar on Human Right and Duties held on 19th & 20th June 2010 at North Lakhimpur College.

·         National Seminar on “Practice, Violation & Protection of Human Rights in North- East India”, Bihpuria College, 2nd and 3rd Nov.2010.

·         National Seminar on “Human Rights in Indian Socio-Economic and Political context with special reference to North-East” Dhemaji Commerce College, 8th and 9th January, 2012.

·          National seminar on “Different Classroom Teaching practices: Goals and Achievements” Madhabdev College, 6th &7th May, 2013.

·           National seminar on “Role of Self-Help group in Socio-Economic Development with special reference to North- East India” Organized by department of Sociology, Sankardev Mahavidyalaya, 3rd & 4th Sept. 2015.

·         National seminar on “Studies on North East Indian Language and Cultural Heritage” Organized by Dept. Assamese MDC, 8th & 9th January, 2016.

·         National seminar on “Bio-diversity degradation and its impact with special reference to North-East India” Organized by Madhabdev College Science Forum, 18th &19th February, 2016.


Conferences  :


Papers Presented

Seminars  :    

·         UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “Need of Human Rights Education for the Tribal Leadership of Assam”organized by Dhemaji College, 8th & 9th November, 2008.

·         National seminar on “Information Technology in Higher Education: Its Role and Impact” Rangachahi College, Majuli, 8th & 9th November, 2009.

·        National seminar on “Global Warming Consequences and Control Measures” Sankardev College, 23rd &24th September, 2009.

·        National seminar on “General degree courses versus Career oriented Courses” Madhabdev College, 2009.

·        National Seminar on “Mapping the Terrain of Indian Republic” Bihpuria College, 21st -22nd Aug, 2010.

·         National Seminar on “Role of economic Dimension in Ethnic Crisis with special reference to Assam” Chaiduar College, Gohpur, 15th -16th September, 2010.

·         National Seminar on “Practice, Violation & Protection of Human Rights in North- East India” Bihpuria College, 2nd and 3rd Nov, 2010.

·        National Seminar on “Gandhi’s Sarbodaya Philosophy in Present Crisis of Assam” Bihpuria College, 2010.

·        National Seminar on “Ethnic Conflicts and their Socio-Economic Causes in Assam” Nowboicha College, 11th -12th February, 2011.

·        International Seminar on “Socio-Cultural Aspects of Different Ethnic Groups of North East India with Special Reference to the Deori Community in Assam” Dhemaji Public Auditorium, 21st &22nd January, 2011.

·        National Seminar on “Women Education in Assam: Problems and Prospects” Madhabdev College, 28th & 29th April, 2012.

·         National Seminar on “Global Warming Consequences and Control Measures” Madhabdev College, 11th &12th May, 2012.

·         National seminar on “An analytical study of Globalization of Higher Education of NER with special reference to Assam, Madhabdev College, 29th Jan. (Abstract -978-81-926338-9-3), 2012.

·        National Seminar on “Madhabdevor Rachanat Sishu Krishnar Charitra” Sankardev College, 14th November, 2014.

·        National seminar on “Problems and Prospects of Higher Education’’ Nowboicha college with collaboration of ACTA, 14th October, 2015.

·        National Seminar on “Realization of Values Through Education:  Role of the Family, Society, School and Teachers” Organized by Dept. Philosophy MDC, 8th & 9th January, 2016.

·        National Seminar on Srimanta Sankardev’s Philosophy in the Context of Present Socio-Cultural Environment of India. Title of the Paper: “Srimanta Sankardevar Adarsha aru Bartraman Samaj Byabasta”. Nowboicha college, 14th &15th Sept. 2016.

·        National Seminar on Environmental Degradation and Importance of Education for Sustainable Development.  Title: “Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Protection and Conservation of Environment” Kherajkhat College, 20th and 21th Oct.2016.

·        National Seminar on Life and Contribution of Mahapurush Sri Sri Madhabdev, Topic: Sisur Noitik aru Adhayatmik Bikashot Namgohar Prasongita, Madhabdev College, 10th Sept. 2017.


Publications                 :

National Journals  :          

·         “Socio-Cultural Aspects of Deuri Community of Assam with special Reference to Assam. The Manifestation of Society, March-2013, ISBN-978-93-81689-52-3 Edt. By Dr.Pasanta Phukan & Anjela Borah, Dutta publication, K.B.Road,Lakhimpur,Assam,

·         “Bhupanda Tumi guchi juwar pichat” Dhalpur: Sudhakanthar Smritit, Nov.2013, ISBN: 978-93-81689-69-1 Edt. By Nikhil Hazarika, Dutta Publication, Lakhimpur, Assam.

·         “Global Warming and Intervention measures” Menace of Population Pressure and its Impact on Environment and Economy, Jan.2014, ISBN: 978-93-82120-34-6 Edt. by B.P. Sahu & Kesang Degi, Lakshmi Publishers & Distributors, New-Delhi.

·         “Role of Education for Sustainable Development” Human Right Gender and Environment, Aug.2014, ISBN: 978-93-82495-17-8 Edt. by Dikshita Bhuyan & Priyanka Bhuyan, APPOCCUS Publishers, Cotton College, Guwahati-1

·          “Role of Education in women empowerment” “Rengani” ISBN- 978-93-244-0448-0, Edt. by Mrigakshi Dutta Hazarika  &, Chandra Prakashan- Guwahati.

·         A study on the status of students’ enrolment and Teachers’ availability of the Secondary Schools in Lakhimpur district of Assam.”SCHOLARS’ VIEW” a journal of Multidisciplinary Research, Vol-III, No.1-2, Jan-July 15, ISSN-2320-1096, Pp-54-61.published by Research Forum of Chaiduar College Gohpur, Sonitpur, Assam, India.

·         A study on the Attitude of Secondary School Teachers towards Secondary Education in relation to Gender and Locality” “SCHOLARS’ VIEW” a journal of Multidisciplinary Research, Vol-IV, No.1-2, Jan-July 16, ISSN-2320-1096, Pp-99-104, published by Research Forum of Chaiduar College Gohpur, Sonitpur, Assam, India.

·         “Women Entrepreneurship: Problems and Prospects” Rengani” 2016, ISBN: 978-93-87287-02-0, Edited by  Mrs. Mamoni Boruah & Dr. Dipti Saikia  Published by Madhabdev Mahavidyalaya Prakashan on behalf of women cell, ACTA.

·         “Higher education of women in Assam” Rengani – V, 2017, ISBN: 978-93-87287-02-0, Edited by Mrs. Rijumoni Gogoi & Mrs. Ritamoni Gogoi,  published by Madhabdev Mahavidyalaya Prakashan on behalf of women cell, ACTA.


Other Publication        :


·        Article ‘Kisur Aparadhi,’ published by college magazine, edited by Jagadish Bora, 2010-11

·         Tumi ahar khyanat’ (kabita), The New, Jogot Gogoi, Published by kuhi prakashan goasthi, 15th oct.-15th Nov. 2011.