Academic Activities


Date of Joining                  : 26/10/2005

Specialization              : History of Indian Education

OC Complete:

Course Name    : UGC Sponsored Orientation Course in Applied Social Science

Venue              : Academic Staff College, North Eastern Hill University,

Date                : 16-02-2011 to 15-03-2011, Shillong.

RC - 1 Complete                :

Course Name    : UGC Sponsored Refresher Course in Education

Venue              : Academic Staff College, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla,

Date                : 06-07-2009 to25-07-2009.

RC - 2 Complete                :

Course Name    : UGC Sponsored Refresher Course in Women Studies (ID)

Venue              : Academic Staff College, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

Date                : 05-06-2012 to 25-06-2012,

M.Phil :

            Title                 : A Study of Socio-Economic Impact on the Educational Backwardness of Deuri Girls Education in Lakhimpur District of Assam.

From                : M.Phil, Periyar University, Tamil Nadu

 Notification    : 03-02-2009

PhD :

Title                 :  Teacher Effectiveness of Secondary School Teachers in Relation to some Variables: A Critical Study in Assam.

From                : Rajiv Gandhi University (Central ) Arunachal Predesh.

Notification     : 31/10/2017. 


Workshops    :  

1.    UGC Sponsored National Workshop on  “PROTECTION OF HUMAN RIGHTS” , Venue : DEPT of Political Science, Madhabdev College, In collaboration with “TAKAM MISING PORIN KEBANG”  (Dakshin Bihpuria Anchalik) , Dated: 26th December, 2010 .

2.    UGC SPONSORED NATINAL WORKSHOP ON SEMESTER SYSTEM AT UNDERGRADUATE LEVEL IN GENERAL DEGREE COLLEGES, Vanue : Lakhimpur Girls’ College, In collaboration with ACTA, Lakhimpur Zone , Dated:  May31 & June1, 2011 .

3.    UGC SPONSORED NATINAL WORKSHOP ON Violation of Human Rights of Women and Children in Rural Areas of North East India , Venue: Moridhal College,Dhemaji. , Dated:  3th & 4th March,2013

4.    UGC SPONSORED NATINAL WORKSHOP ON Enhancing Students’ Employability Through Quality Management in Higher Education , Venue:  Dept. of Economic, Sankardeva Mahavidyalaya,  Dated: 9th August,2014.

5.    National Workshop on Rastriya Uchchattar Siksha Abhiyan organized byACTA , Venue: North Lakhimpur College, 8th September, 2014 , Dated: 8th September, 2014 .

6.    UGC SPONSORED NATINAL WORKSHOP ON ‘quality improvement in institutional management system in under graduate colleges in North-East India’ , Venue: Nowboicha College , Dated: 12th June,2015

Seminars : 

1. North East Seminar On CAREER ORIENTED COURSES , Venue : Madhabdev College , Dated: 11th&12th Sept, 2007


 3. UGC SPONSORED NATINAL SEMINERON Different Classroom Teaching Practices: Goals & Achievements , Venue: Department of English, Madhabdev College, Lakhimpur , Dated: 6th & 7th May,2013 .

4. UGC SPONSORED NATINAL SEMINER CUM WORKSHOP ON Research Methodology and use of Quantitative Analysis . Venue: Department of Economics, Madhabdev College, Lakhimpur in collaboration with Narayanpur Sports Association , Dated: 6th to 10th May,2013 .

5. UGC SPONSORED NATINAL SEMINERON ‘Cultural Contribution of Mahapurusha Madhabadeva to the Vaishnavite Culture of Assam and North-East’, Vanue: Sankardeva Mahavidyalaya,Lakhimpur , Dated : 14th November’2014 .

6. UGC SPONSORED NATINAL SEMINERON ‘Status of women in North-East India: Problem and concerns , Venue: L.T.K. College ,North Lakhimpur , Dated : 29th &30th April 2015 

7.  UGC SPONSORED NATINAL SEMINERON ‘Studies on North East Indian language and cultural Heritage’ , Venue: Department of Assamese, Madhabdev College, Lakhimpur , Dated: 8th &9th  January, 2016 .

Conferences  :


Papers Presented

Seminars : 

 1. NATIONAL SEMINAR ON “Identity crisis of the Indigenous people in India : Apprehension and Threat Perception with special Reference to the North-East  , Venue: Lakhimpur kendriya Mahavidyalaya  , Dated: 7th &8th Febuary, 2008. Title: “ Role of economic dimension in the ethnic crisis with special reference to Assam ” .

2.UGC-NATIONAL SEMINER ON RECENT ASPECTS IN ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES . Venue: Lakhimpur Girls College      , Dated: 12th & 13th September 2008 , Title: Planning of Environmental Education Through Formal & Non formal Agency .

3.NATIONAL SEMINAR CUM WORKSHOP ON “ISSUES AND CHALLENGES OF HUMAN RIGHTS WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO NORTH EAST INDIA , Venue: Dhemaji College , Dated: 8th &9th November 2008 , Title : Need of Human Right Education for the Tribal Leadership of Assam .

4.NATIONAL SEMINAR ON ROLE OF PANCHAYATI RAJ INSTITUTIONS IN VIALLAGE LEVEL PLANNING AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT , Venue: North Lakhimpur College, Dated: 24th & 25th November,2008 , Title: “ Development of rural People through NREGA Program me: A field study in Narayanpur Block, Lakhimpur District” .

5. UGC SPONSORED NATIONAL SEMINAR ON “ PROSPECTS AND PROBLEMS OF GLOBALISATION OF INDIAN HIGHER EDUCATION WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO NOTH-EAST ” Venue: Rangachahi College, Majuli , Dated: 06th & 07th January, 2009 , Title: “ Globalization and the Khamti Society: A Prospective ” .

6. UGC SPONSORED NATIONAL SEMINAR ON “ MENACE OF POPULATION PRESSURE AND ITS IMPACT ENVIRONMENT AND ECONOMY”,Venue:Sankardeva Mahavidyalaya,Pathalipahar, Lakhimpur  , Dated: 23th & 24th September,2009 ,Title: “ A Hindu approach to Environment issues ” .

7. UGC Sponsored NATIONAL SEMINAR ON General Degree Courses and Examination System: Problems and Prospects , Venue: Madhabdev College, In collaboration with Jatia Sevok Samaj, Narayanpur , Dated: 30th & 31t October,2009  , Title: “ Internal Assessment of Degree courses: An Overview ” .

8. UGC SPONSORED NATIONAL SEMINAR ON “PROTECTION OF WOMEN , HUMAN RIGHTS AND DUTIES”   . Venue: Bihpuria College, EDUCATION, ENGLISH & SOCIOLOGY DEPT. Dated: 5th NOV, 2009, Title: “Legal and Constitutional Measures for Safeguarding Women’s Right ” .

9. UGC SPONSORED NATIONAL SEMINAR ON “CURRENT TRENDS ON RESEARCH OF REGIONAL HISTORY” , Venue: DEPT of History, Chaiduar College, In collaboration with Biswanath College, Dated: 15th & 16th September, 2010 , Title: “Socio-Cultural Changes of Khamtis during the post Independence Period “ .

10. UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “Human Right in Indian Political & Social  Scenario” . Venue: IQAC Bihpuria College in collaboration with Prantic pragati Kendra Lakhimpur. Dated:  18th & 19th September, 2010. Title: Right of Women and its Practicability .

11. UGC sponsored National Seminar on Gandhian Philosophy in Present Day Assam , Venue: Bihpuria College , Dated: 2 October 2010 , Title: Gandhijir Adarsha Samaj aru Bartaman Samajat iyar Prasongita .

12. UGC SPONSORED NATIONAL SEMINAR ON “TEACHER EDUCATION IN INDIA : ISSUES, TRENDS, AND CHALLENGES IN 21ST CENTURY” , Venue: DEPT.  OF EDUCATION ,NOWBOICHA COLLEGE, LAKHIMPUR , Dated: 9TH & 10TH February, 2011 , Title: The B.Ed. Program me of Secondary Teacher in Assam: Problems and Solution.


14. UGC SPONSORED NATINAL SEMINERON Role of Women in Management and Governance in Higher Education with Special Reference to the North-East , Venue: WomenCell, Madhabdev college Teachers’Unit in Collaboration with ACTA , Dated: 28th&29th April,2012 , Title: Women Education in Assam: Problems and Prospects .

15. UGC SPONSORED NATINAL SEMINERON Climate Chang in North East India: Causes, Impacts and Remedies , Venue: Madhabdev college in collaboration with JANASATHI,N.G.O. , Dated: 11th& 12th  May,2012 , Title: Role of Climate Change on Agriculture in Lakhimpur District of Assam with special reference to Narayanpur Block .

16. UGC SPONSORED NATINAL SEMINERON Challenges in Higher Education: North East Perspectives , Venue: University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya in collaboration with Madhabdev College, Lakhimpur , Dated: 29th January, 2014 , Title: Status of Higher Education of S.C. women in Lakhimpur District of Assam with special reference to Narayanpur Dev. Block .

17. UGC SPONSORED NATINAL SEMINERON Implementation of Semester System in General Degree Courses With Special Reference to Assam ,Venue: Dept. of Education, Panigaon Om Prakash Dinodia College,Lakhimpur , Dated: 9th &10th May,2014 , Title: Critical Evalution on Internal Assessment of Semester System of  Degree College .

18. UGC SPONSORED NATINAL SEMINERON ‘Quality improvement  of higher education in North-Eastern region of India 21th century: issues and challenges’ , Venue: Nowboicha College , Dated: 14th oct.,2015 , Title: Problem and prospect of vocationalization of higher education .

19.  UGC SPONSORED NATINAL SEMINERON ‘Role of college teachers in value development: Goals and achivements’ , Venue: Department of Philosphy, Madhabdev College, Lakhimpur , Dated: 8th &9th  January, 2016 , Title: Value education and its importance at secondary school levels .

20. UGC SPONSORED NATINAL SEMINERON “Srimanta Sankardev’s Philosophy in the context of present Socio-Cultural Environment”, Venue: Dept. of Philosophy, Nowboicha College, Dated: 14th&15th Sept, 2016, Title: Sankardevar Sahitrarajit Shikhar Eak Abolukan.

21. NATINAL SEMINER ON Life and Contribution of Mahapurush Sri Sri Madhabdev, Venue: Madhabdev College,Dated: 10th sept,2017, Title: Role of Bargeet in Spiritual  Development of Child;  A brief analysis.

Research activity      

Projects :

Minor    :

Doing Minor Research Project from UGC, NERO on the   Topic “Problem and Prospect of Women Education among the Deuries in Lakhimpur District of Assam”, Ref. No. F.5-371/2010-11/MRP (NERO)/5462 dated 23-03-20011.Date of Submission: December - 2012.

Publications                    :

National Journals        :          

1.“Article “problem of Deuri women Education with special reference to two Deuri villages in Lakhimpur District of Assam” published in Research journel ‘The Manifestation of Society’ edited by Dr.Prasanta Phukan & Anjela Borah (2013) ISBN-978-93-81689-52-3.

2.Article “Manav Adhikar, Manav Adhikar Shiksha aru Shiksh Adhikar” published in book “Manav Adhikar” edited by Bani Kanta Knowar.ISBN:978-81-925881-0-0, year 2013.

3.“A Hindu Approach to Environmental Issues” in Menace of Population Pressure and its Impact on Environment and Economy edited by B.P. Sahu & Kesang Degi, LAKSHI Publishers  & Distributors, New Delhi,First Edn.: 2014, ISBN:978-93-82120-34-6

4.“Violation of Human Right of Women” published in book ‘Human Rights Gender and Environment’ edited by Dikshita Bhuyan and Priyanka Bhuyan published by APPOCCUS, Cotton College, Guwahati,2014. ISBN 978-93-82495-17-8

5. “Status of Tribal Women of Assam:  A case study of Mishing women in Lakhimpur district of Assam” published in book ‘Rengani’ edited by M.Dutta Hazarika etal. Published by Chandra Prakash, Guwahati, 2015, ISBN978-93-244-0448-0

6.Madhabdev mahavidyalar shikhatatta bivagar shaikhik mulayan” published in book ‘Sonalee Saurav’ edited by  Dikshita Bhuyan, 2015, ISBN:978-81-920673-6-0

7.“A study of Job Satisfaction level among the Secondary School teachers of Assam” “SCHOLARS’ VIEW” a journal of Multidisciplinary Research, Vol-IV, No.1-2, Jan-July 16, ISSN-2320-1096, Pp-99-104, published by Research Forum of Chaiduar College Gohpur, Sonitpur, Assam, India.

8.“Value Education and its Importance at Secondary School Level” published by Madhabdev Mahavidhyalaya Prakashan on behalf of Department of Philosophy. ISBN No.978-81-933198-8-8.

9.“Educational Status of Kaibartta Women: A study of Sanchuwa Kaibartta Village of Lakhimpur District” published in book ‘Rengani’ edited by Rijumoni Gogoi & Ritamoni Gogoi. Published by Madhabdev Mahavidyalaya Prakashan 2017, ISBN978-93-87287-02-0


International Journals  :


i)     “A Comparative Study of Job Satisfaction and Teacher Effectiveness among the Secondary School Teachers of Lakhimpur and Dhemaji District of Assam”  published in Academic Views & Reviews, International Journal of Education, Research & Innovation, ISSN No.2249-7242, vol.6 II & III, July- Dec. 2016.


ii)   “Job Satisfaction and Teacher Effectiveness of Secondary School Teachers of Assam” published in International Journal of Scientific Research, Vol.6, Issue-3, March-2017, ISSN No.2277-8179

Other Publication        :

i)          An article ‘Role of family in the preservation of child’s mental health’ published in college magazine, 2006

ii)        An article in Smriti Grantha,Nabagata Adarani Sabha,Madhabdev College,2010,entitled “Mulybudhhinata,Uchringkhalata Aru Ammi.”

iii)      An article on Madhabdev College Magazine, 2010-11,entitled Shisur Manosik swashtha Raikhat Poriyalar Bhumika

iv)      A article ‘Neela Khamar Cithi’ in Rengani-Vol-1, , edited by Mrigakshi Dutta Hazarika , published by Women Cell, ACTA, Teachers Unit-Madhabdev College, Narayanpur, 8TH March,2014.

v)        Article “Rabindra Nath Tagorar shikhadarshan” published in book ‘aniruddha’ a souvenir of the48th session of Uttar Lakhimpur mahkuma prathamik sikshak sanmilani edited by Lakshya Hazarika. March, 2015.

vi)      Article “Women Education in India- A Perspective” published in Madhabdev college magazine, 31st Issue, 2013-14

vii)    “Teachers vs Effectiveness” published in Bulletin of Education edited by Dr. Mamoni Boruah & Dr. Dipti Saikia,Dept. of Education, Madhabdev College,

Book Published           :          

i)          A Textbook for Degree Course entitled Shaikhik Byavasthapna 2009,Banalata, Dibrugarh

ii)        Text book for B.A.fifth semester ‘Sisu Manubigyan aru Sisu Nidesana’Publisher-Swarasati Prakasan, Golaghat, 2013, ISBN: 978-93-82976-02-8.

Editor   :          

1.         Editor, Rengani, Published by  Jogen Tamuli,Member Secretary Madhabdev mahavidyalaya  Prakashan Parishaod, on behalf of  Women Cell, ACTA, Madhabdev College unit, 2017, ISBN:9788193319864.

2.    Editor, Department Bulletin 2018, published by Department of Education



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